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Canapes (Stand Up)

Song Kitchen Canape Menu
Minimum order: 10 of each food item @ $4 per item

All served on grilled sourdough

Smashed whitebean, brown butter, sage
Raw Beef, roast garlic, Aleppo pepper
Chicken liver pate, pickled cherry, rosemary
Homemade butter, leek, anchovy
Raw Kingfish, colatura, hazelnut
Housemade ricotta, olive oil
Spinach and raisin borani
Blue swimmer crab and samphire salad

Fried Bites

Mushroom and talleggio arancini
Braised greens and parmesan arancini
Pancetta, thyme and mozzarella arancini
Lamb rib, balsamic
Spiced pumpkin pirashki

Little Bites

Sydney rock oyster, finger lime, black pepper
Smoked eggplant manti dumpling, walnut, sweet herbs
Grilled octopus, bagna cauda, lemon
Watermelon, marinated feta, chilli
Peach, prosciutto
Wild greens and homemade ricotta borek pie
Squid ink cracker, spiced yoghurt, salmon roe and chervil
Grilled prawn, chermoula

Sweet Canapes

Housemade brown butter madeleines
Pecorino and orange blossom sebadas
Brioche, rhubarb jam, sour cream
Maple and cinnamon taffy
Housemade saffron and cardamom icecream in cones
Meringue kiss, whipped cream, raspberry