Six canapes per person recommended.
(Please inform staff of any dietary requirements)

V E G E T A R I A N       $4 each  (minimum 30 of each food item)

Saffron and pink salt grissini x2

Watermelon, marinated feta, chilli

Parmesan and black pepper arancini

Fried cauliflower, ras el hanout, feta

Spinach and raisin borani on fried bread


S E A F O O D        $5 each  (sold by the dozen, minimum 1 dozen)

Freshly shucked Coffin Bay oyster or Sydney Rock oyster, eschallot, lemon balm

Freshly shucked Coffin Bay or Sydney rock oyster (Natural)

Baked Hervey Bay scallop, salted plum, pistachio


MEAT      $5 each  (minimum 10 piece)

Turkish beef shish, Aleppo pepper, parsley


S W E E T   T H I N G S      $4 each  (minimum 30 of each food item)

House-made brown butter madeleines

Rosewater meringue, whipped cream, berries