Sydney rock oyster (shucked to order) finger lime, black pepper 4 ea
Marinated Australian olives 5
Spinach and raisin borani dip, toast 7.5
Bread & Butter Project sourdough, house-made butter 4

Grilled pumpkin, roast garlic alioli, samphire, olive  16
Saltfish brandade, radish, herb oil, grilled flatbread  17
Octopus, tomato, oregano, hazelnut  18
Beef and lamb tartare, parsley, Aleppo pepper, cardamom  crackers  17
Roast duck salad, cucumber, barberry, chervil, date  18

Eggplant manti dumplings, walnut, yoghurt, sweet herbs 24
House-made squid ink tagliolini,  prawn, cherry tomato, chilli breadcrumbs 26
Okra naxos, tomato, potato, chilli relish, coriander, seasoned yoghurt 28
Wild greens  & ricotta  borek pie, smoky almond, flowers 32

Spanish mackerel poached in olive oil, chermoula, celery, pomegranate 34
Crispy roast chicken, spelt and sweet pea tabbouleh, preserved lemon 32
Chargrilled wagyu hanger steak, borlotti beans, leek, churrasco sauce  36

Tomato salad, olive oil, black pepper 8
Fried potatoes, black garlic 10
Shaved cabbage, hazelnut,  parmesan 8

Affogato (make it naughty 20) 12
House-made kaymak cream, peach, nuts, honey, saffron syrup 12
Dark chocolate pudding, spiced espresso mascarpone, honeycomb  14
Rosewater meringue & pistachio ice cream sandwich, salted caramel, fairy floss  12
Selection of cheese, chunky honey, flatbread 12 or 26

Nine course shared tasting menu 75pp

Please inform staff of any dietary requirements.

A discretionary 5% service charge is applied to all tables for 7 or more guests
as a gratuity paid directly to staff.