AUTUMN 2019 

Sydney rock oysters, finger lime, black pepper  4 ea
Spinach & raisin borani dip, toast  7.5
Ham, cheese toasty, grain mustard  10

Grilled pumpkin, roast garlic alioli, samphire, olive 16
Tiger prawns poached in olive oil, pickled mussels, radish,  chilli 17
Beef tartare, parsley, Aleppo pepper, cardamom  crackers 17
Roast chicken salad, tomato,  mixed leaves, lemon 16
Housemade eggplant manti dumplings, walnut, yoghurt, herbs 24

Squid ink pasta, prawn, cherry tomato, chilli crumbs 26
Deep fried lamb ribs, balsamic, rosemary 20
Song Burger wagyu beef, housemade pickles, caramelised onion, cheddar cheese, lettuce 18

Please inform staff of any dietary requirements.

A discretionary 5% service charge is applied to all tables for 7 or more guests as a gratuity paid directly to staff.