Love of Spice

Since coming on board as our head chef, Liz Mason has engaged a number of exciting new suppliers. Her curiosity and love of  all things spice, led her to Saffron Only. Established in 2013, Saffron Only was born out of respect for high grade Persian saffron.

Each strand of saffron is a single stamen of the crocus flower and must be harvested by hand. This accounts for its expense as a traded commodity in other parts of the world. That said, this prized ingredient, is little used and relatively unknown in Australia.

Because of its rarity, differentiating authentic, pure saffron from lower grade products is no simple task. Consequently Saffron Only ensure their production is managed from harvesting to drying and packing to ensure genuine quality, fresh from the world’s saffron capital, Qaenat in Iran.

Liz utilises this exquisite spice in her house-made saffron tagliatelle, stracciatella cheese and nettles.

Noushe-jan! نوش جان
May your soul be nourished!