Billy Button Wines

Winemakers in the spotlight – Women winemakers (or female wine estate owners) make up 50 per cent of the list at Song Kitchen, reflecting the core principles of the YWCA, and we’re delighted to showcase them and their wines.

Billy Button Wines was established by Jo Marsh in 2014. 

The playful name and labels refer to a native plant called Craspedia, which are the bright yellow pompom flowers that brighten the alpine valleys of Victoria. Jo spent her formative winemaking years with some big corporate entities, ultimately making sparkling wines at Seppelt Great Western. Her repertoire today is refreshing because she works with all sorts of off-beat varieties, such as Friulano, Verduzzo, Saperavi and Refosco. Her team is comprised of herself, her two dogs Cannubi and Jesse, and her mum Maria. I love the fact that Maria knew nothing about winemaking until Jo started her Billy Button label. Today Maria is indispensable to the business, working as the lab technician among sundry other tasks. I really like this story.

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