Making a menu

How do you make a brand new menu for a brand new restaurant? We asked chef Charlotte Gonzales-Poncet to tell us how it’s done.

Creating the menu for Song Kitchen was a bit of a challenge for me. I’d created new menus for existing restaurants before but I’d never created a new menu in a brand new restaurant.

To start from scratch, and devise a menu before I had a chance to trial each of the dishes in the kitchen that will be producing them, was a challenge. I didn’t have the actual kitchen and I didn’t have any equipment, not even plates, so I didn’t know how we were going to produce things, what we would need, how long each dish would take. Would it be doable every day, every service, ten times per service?

I think my food is simple and authentic and delicious. I love doing basic things and doing them very well.

In my cooking however, I like experimenting with dishes and then repeating them to make them work. I am always cooking for improvement. I love it when you create something out of nothing, when you make a mistake but it ends up being wonderful.

I hope you enjoy dining with us at Song Kitchen.

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